Cute New Year Wishes Quotes for Kids & Children

New Year 2018 is almost here and it is the time for wish with lots of blessings to your kids and children with Cute New Year Wishes Quotes for Kids & Children. The whole season has its own special feel to it and everyone seems to be happier and kinder. New Year is the best opportunity to create lifelong memories for the children in our lives. Here we’re going to present a lovely collection of Cute New Year Wishes for Kids, Beautiful New Year Messages for Daughter & Son, New Year Quotes for Kids (baby boy or baby girl) by Parents, Sweet New Year Sayings Lines for Nephew & Niece, New Year Blessings Messages for Toddlers & Teenagers etc. Happy New Year 2018 ?


Cute New Year Wishes Quotes for Kids & Children from Father, Mother & Elders

Cute New Year Wishes for Kids

Cute New Year Quotes for Kids & Children



Here is a very blessed and joyful new year to my little angel.



Hope that my cutie kiddo have a great New Year full of joy and happiness!!



When my baby is sleeping that’s when I think, ‘Wow. I made that.’ Happy New Year my kiddo



May you fulfill the resolution you made this year! Wish you a fabulous new year my child.



On this New Year may god always show you the right path to step on in life! Happy New Year to my little baby.



Angels are all around us. I know, because here you are! Happy New Year to Our Little Earth Angel!



Happy New Year to My Niece I hope that this 2018 is fully covered with joy, and forever memorable!



Happy New Year kids! Hope your lives are filled with love and luck, with light and hope, with faith and gratitude.



I wish you lots of fun, kisses, candy and everything this Season promises for good little boys and girls — That’s YOU!



May the colors of the New Year fireworks fill up your next 365 days with warmth and color. Gob bless you my child



May this New Year be as adorable and cute as you are for a sweetie pie like you deserves all that and much more.



This New Year my wish for you is to banish all obstacles as you bloom into a beautiful human being loaded with virtues. I Love You My Baby.



May this New Year be as vibrant and lively as you are and bring you many opportunities for celebrations and jubilation. I love you my angel.



This New Year, dear child, be messy, sticky and silly – for this means that you are having a ball as you grow in leaps and bounds each day.



This New Year my wish for you is to give you wings of imagination that spread far and wide to make you think out of the box. God bless you my kiddo.



This New Year may your bond with your family strengthen and you make new friends and understand how valuable relationships are.



May the coming year be the most memorable years of your life; full of great moments and lovely people! A very happy new year to my little baby.



Here’s wishing you the most delighting and joyful new year! May god helps you shine and get immense success in this New Year 2018!



This New Year may you be blessed with courage and confidence to spread your wings and turn each day into an adventure of learning and fun. God bless you my child



May this New Year brings your loads of success and is full of surprises all the way!! Here’s wishing you a very joyful and promising new year to my loving child.



On the road of success, may you always stay ahead without any fear! Hope this New Year brings you love and happiness!! Wish you a great new year my child.



May your days be happier and nights are peaceful. This New Year, May you get lots of love and everything else you want in life! Mumma always with you my angel.



Hope happiness be all around you this New Year. May all your wishes be fulfilled and life will be more interesting. Wishing you a great year ahead!!



This New Year may your heart always glow with the light of hope, have the courage to follow the path of truth and possess the empathy to hold a hand in need. God bless you my child.



Dad and Mom wishes Τhat you be blessed with sunshine like smile, pοwerful beam of energy and drenched in Ηappiness as yοu will step into the realm οf the approaching Νew Year



Cυddle the New Υear with a Νew look, new νision and new pοsitive approach Ιt will not οnly make yοur life simple, yοu will emerge like Α winner. Α grand ωish from Dad Αnd Mom for Τhe coming New Υear



Cute New Year Wishes for Kids & Children

Cute New Year Quotes for Kids


Twinkle twinkle little star,
lots of wishes from my heart,
may you shine from the start,
keeping bad luck way apart!

Happy New Year my child



Sweet constraint and happy New Year
time has come to make some cheer,
pray to god and leave the fear,
just stay happy desolating every tear!



It is time to make it wide,
sending your great surprise,
new year is about to come,
may this year will be like a fulfilled ride!



May the good luck always shine,
bringing you love and lots of smile,
leave your work for a while
coz its happy new year till the sunrise!!



Good and bad are the part of life,
time is under rusty,
so let’s just enjoy play for while,
to make this New Year a memorable ride!

Happy New Year 2018!!



Let the smile come your way,
as all the inamour’d world will say,
louder voice and cheerful play,
it is happy New Year clothed in a joyful ray!!