Happy New Year Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

In this site post, we are compiling heart touching Happy New Year Wishes for ex girlfriend from ex boyfriend or we can say ex lover. Best selected collection for ex lovers, happy new year 2019 quotes for past lover, lovely happy ending new year messages for ex gf from ex bf. You can share these lines to your ex partner who actually separated from their relationship or commitment but still together as a friends.

Happy New Year Wishes for Ex Girlfriend | New Year 2019 Quotes

Happy New Year Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

Happy New Year Wishes for Ex Girlfriend


  • Though we have parted ways in life but I still pray to God for your brighter future…. I really wish that the coming year come with more reasons for you to smile, more happiness and more love… May you are blessed with someone better than mew…. Happy New Year to you.


  • Our relationship ended and probably it is for the good of both of us… but I still want to wish you a wonderful and successful Happy New Year… May you enjoy the coming year with smile of your face and happiness in your heart…. May you are happy with the man in your life… Happy New Year Ex Girlfriend.


  • Wishing you a warm and wonderful Happy New Year 2019. May you are blessed with a life full of new opportunities, happiness and prosperity and have an amazing year ahead.


  • Although our in love has come to an end, my New Year wishes I’ll still send. Even though we didn’t make it down the aisle, I admit, the thought of you still makes me smile and even if we are destined to remain apart, you will always be held deep in my heart. Happy New Year to My Ex Girlfriend


  • For an ex-lover you’re pretty cool. Let’s make our new found platonic friendship rule. Just because we did not last, our friendship is not a thing of the past. Last year we had lots of fun, enjoying our union as one. This New Year will be just as great and our friendship we’ll better appreciate.


  • Happy New Year my dear. Why wish an ex Happy New Year? Why share all of my happy, well intentioned, good cheer, with someone that I am no longer with, this is clear? The reason why, although you made me cry, is that in you I found a true friend and one that will last until the end.


  • Let us pray that the year of 2019 brighten our lives with new energies. Let us pray for blessings of Almighty. Sending you lovely best New Year 2019


  • Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year. To a special someone that used to be my dear. We are no more boyfriend and girlfriend, but you are still an old and celebrated friend. May this year bring you lots to smile about and very little stuff to make you to cry, scream and shout. wishes to you for beautiful time ahead.


  • To my ex girlfriend, I wish you a happy new year. I hope this New Year be the best amongst many you have lived by and give you lots of happiness in your life.


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Cute New Year 2019 Sayings for Ex Girlfriend

Cute Sayings for Ex Girlfriend

Cute New Year 2019 Sayings for Ex Girlfriend


  • “We have reached a point where we cannot back down. We know what the consequences of not being together are and we have made the decision to take separate paths. Keep in mind that you will always be very important to me. I wish you the best in life and New Year for New Life. “


  • My ex-love you are still very much missed love and I’ll always remember that special love that you shared with me that made me regard with highly with all that’s placed above. If you ever need a friend, know that you can depend and may this New Year bring you all things new including a love that remains strong and true.


  • You might think, because I’m taking time out, to share. That I still wish you were here or I were there. You may even wonder whether I may be considering, for you and I to have a new beginning. Or perhaps it’s that you realise, in my heart you’ll always be a special part. So wishing you all the best for the New Year, always stay blessed my dear.


  • For my sweet ex girlfriend, happy New Year wishes for you with love. I wish the New Year beginning brings lots of happiness throughout the days and make you feel good all the time.


  • To my cute ex girlfriend, lovely happy New Year wishes for you. Let this New Year be a love filled one and you get the one you love with you always by your side.


  • Happy New Year ex of my life. You were never meant to be my husband, I was never meant to be your wife, but nevertheless I still take time to bring my own special kind of shine, straight to your heart, directly from mine


  • All good things must come to an end. Just like relationships, when lovers become friends. Just because it didn’t last with us two. I still want to say Happy New Year to you.


  • Dearest ex girlfriend, I wish you a happy new year through this text. I hope you have a joyous celebration of welcoming the New Year with love and happiness.


  • To my dear ex girlfriend, lovely happy New Year wishes for you sent with love. I pray to the Lord to shower His choicest blessings into your life to make it merrier and joyful.


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  • Happy New Year to you and happy new everything that is true. I wish you the best for the coming year and for all those that you hold most dear.