Happy New Year Wishes To Boss, Colleagues & Employees

It’s New Year’s 2018. And in this section, we’ve listed Beautiful Happy New Year Wishes To Boss, Colleagues, Employees and Co-workers with greeting images. Any celebration would remain incomplete if we do not involve our boss, colleagues, co-workers and peers, seniors and other collaborators at work in our list of people to be wished on the special occasion. Here you’ll get Happy New Year Wishes To Boss and Colleagues, Thank You Messages for Manager, Best New Year Wishes for Employees from CEO, Business Partner, Clients & Corporate Office Relationship or Professional Relationship. Happy New Year 2018 ?

Special Happy New Year Wishes To Boss, Colleagues, Employees and For Office Relationship


New Year Wishes to Boss

Happy New Year Wishes to Boss


Beautiful Happy New Year Wishes To Boss


1) Happy New Year Wishes to Boss

Let’s forget the charts
Let’s forget the performance reports
And the KPIs for a day
Let’s drink to celebrate and bring the office down
Because it is New Year 2018

Happy New Year Boss



2) Thank You Message for New Year

Thank yοu for the successful-year and
The great-cooperation in the cοmpany.
We-will meet again Νext year with
Α lot of Νew ideas and Νew energy.



3) 2018 New Year Message for Boss

You have supported us , helped us gain
Knowledge and you have been the
Guiding factor of helping us gain our goals in life.
Happy New Year 2018 Boss



4) Happy New Year Wishes to Manager

Ιt’s nice to wοrk for someone ωho knows
Τhe secret to Βeing a good Μanager…
Βeing a good Ρerson. Yοu Are My Greatest Boss.
Happy Νew Year Dear Sir.



5) New Year Best Wishes to Boss

New Year out forth new roads to success and
Provide you with opportunities to give wings
To your unfulfilled desires.Make your dreams
Come true with the rise of another beautiful year.



6) Happy New Year Msg to Boss

A perfect role model, that’s what you are to us.
We are blessed to have a team leader like you.
I wish, the world will have more people like you
So that this world will become a better place.
Have a blessed new year, boss!



7) Thank You Sms for Boss

Thank you for pushing me to do great things
Which I thought I cannot do. I hope to follow
Your path so that I can also be called a “boss” someday.
Happy New Year!



8) Happy New Year Message to Team Leader

Another year is soon to come,
Another batch of obstacles this team will have to face,
But we do not worry at all. Because
You are a good leader, and we trust in you.
Happy New Year to you and your family, boss!



9) Special New Year Message to My Boss

This New Year message is to an important person-
My boss who has carved a niche in my career and
Helped me believe that leadership doesn’t come
With skill but it is born talent. I have always
Looked up to you and you have set an inspiring example.
I am pleased to work with you.



10) Happy New Year Wishes for Boss

You are the best person I have ever come across,
Being helpful and you have always encouraged me,
Praised my work. You have set a prominent example.
Just want you to know that you are terrific to work with.
Here’s sending you my New Year wishes to you dear boss.



Best Happy New Year Message To Employees

New Year Message to Employees

New Year Message to Employees


1) Appreciated New Year Message to Employees

Just saying thank you for going
The extra mile here at the office.
Your hard work is greatly appreciated.
Sending you good wishes for a…
Happy New Year 2018.



2) New Year Thank You Message

At the end of a successful year,
The management would like to thank
For their dedication to thank you.
We wish you and your families a…
A Very Happy New Year!



3) New Year Best Wishes for Employees & Customers

This company cordially greets
All its employees and customers,
Hoping that next year may have
Many successes and achievements.
Our best wishes to each one of you.
Happy New Year 2018



4) Thank You Msg for Team

Thank you for being someone that I can count on.
You do a great job for our team.
Thank you so much for your dedication.
Have a Happy New Year.



5) Happy New Year Sms fo Employees

Shedding tears over missed opportunities of the
Year gone by might cloud your vision and may
Cause you to miss out on opportunities of the present.



6) Happy New Year Message to Co-workers

Happy New Year my office team.
You are all so supreme.
You make each work day fun and bright.
And make the workload much more light.
The New Year is coming and let me say.
That next year will be very special, every single day.



7) Happy New Year Wishes Message for Employees

Αlong with all Τhe new hopes Αnd promises that
Τhe New Year wοuld bring Hope Ιt also brings υs
A lot mοre opportunities to wοrk together.
Wish yοu a very Ηappy and Successful Υear ahead.



8) New Year Wishes to Team Members

Sometimes it seems as if office work is never done.
When the workload is heavy, you just want to hide or run.
But after every day I smile and grin.
Because our team work and efforts always ensure we win.
Happy New Year!



Happy New Year Messages For Office Colleagues

New Year Wishes to Colleagues

New Year Wishes to Colleagues


1) Happy New Year Message to Colleagues

Let 2018 year be the year of
Records set by you and wish
No one could except you could
Surpass them in the years ahead.



2) Best Wishes on New Yaer

Ι wish the Βudding 2018 blesses
Αll with beautiful experiences
Around the Υear vanishing all sοrrows..
Εmbracing with smiles.



3) New Year Wishes to My Office Colleagues

To my office colleague,
Happy New Year wishes for you with love.
I wish this year brings you
best moments of happiness throughout.



4) Happy New Yaer Msg for Lovely Colleagues

Dear colleagues! Happy new year
May you see all the happiness, peace and success
You deserve in the coming year and beyond!
Happy New Year 2018



5) Best Wishes for Office Colleagues

Loving happy New Year wishes my
Office colleague sent to you through this text.
Let this New Year beginning and the year throughout
Be the best and loveliest of all for you and your family.



6) Good New Year Wishes n English

For my office colleague,
I convey my new year wishes and good regards
Through this card and pray to the Lord to shower
Your new year with blissful moments and newer opportunities.
Have a happy new year ahead.



7) Beautiful New Year Message from Boss

A brand New Year is once again near.
Let’s prepare for the office parties, wine, song and cheer.
My colleagues to me you are so dear.
And because of this I keep a place in my heart for you here



8) Sweet New Year Sms for Colleagues

Happy New Year to the world’s most supportive colleagues!
I am happy to have enjoy the past year with you and
May the coming year bring more joy and success to your lives!

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